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Doctoral candidates in further committees

A summary which committees have doctoral candidates and who is representing you there.



FRIAS Steering Committee

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) is the international research college of the University of Freiburg. The FRIAS offers leading academics (Senior Fellows) as well as outstanding early-stage researchers (Junior Fellows) from Freiburg and around the world the opportunity to concentrate exclusively on their research projects for a certain period of time. Furthermore, it supports its fellows by creating opportunities for building international networks and science communication.

The FRIAS Steering Committee convenes once a year and gives recommendations on all matters of fundamental and long-term importance. The Steering Committee consists of five external and nine internal members, one of them being a doctoral candidate.



Maria Vollmer




Federal Stipends for Doctoral Candidates

(Government page - German)
Especially gifted doctoral candidates can be supported in the framework of "federal stipends for doctoral candidates". The aim of the program is an intensive and interdisciplinary support for doctoral candidates.



Sarah Al-Jarad

Toquinha-Orelia Bergmann



Room Committee

(Last application round)

The GAA governs the DocLounge (Erbprinzenstr. 12), which includes seven work places for doctoral candidates that can be given to whom no workplace is provided at the university or which have unsuitable working conditions or no workplace at home.

Application-rounds start at the end of every semester and work spaces are given for the duration of a semester. Applications can be filed by doctoral candidates without work spaces that are not employed by the university. If there are more applications than available work spaces, there will be a waitlist



Tobias Butelmann

HISinOne Advisory Council

(Webpage - German)
The main function of the HISinOne advisory council is to get the users of the HISinOne system involved in decisions concerning the use and further development of the system. Since the requirements for the system are in constant flux (e.g. through new laws or examination regulations, new technical functions, new subject-specific needs) there is continuous need for discussion between the administrators and users of the system. The council meets at least three times a year.



Daniel Hess









IGA Travel-Scholarship Committee

Doctoral candidates of the University of Freiburg (except from the Faculty of Medicine) can apply for travel scholarships for conferences, provided that the travel costs cannot be covered by funds of their institute, their doctoral program, or their doctoral scholarship donors.



Tobias Butelmann



Commission for Responsibilities in Science

New committee - no information available so far



Toquinha Bergmann

Julius Jeßberger