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The Doctoral Candidates Representatives of the Faculty Convents

The doctoral conventions of the 11 faculties of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg are the first contact for the doctoral candidates and students interested in pursuing doctoral studies.

The doctoral convention is composed of the doctoral students elected from the respective faculties of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and represent the interests of the doctoral candidates on the decision taken inside and outside the university. They raise their opinion and make recommendations on questions related to doctoral candidates. Another concern of the convention is to create a network of doctoral candidates and to advise them on questions related to doctoral studies.


Speakers of the Convents: 

1Faculty of Theology
Tobias Dera,
Anne-Kathrin Fischbach,
Jonas Goehl,
Philipp Graf
2.  Faculty of Law

Sonja Bühler
Claudio Calabro
Timur Cinar
Jonathan Dollinger
Timmy Ebert
Silke Weller

3.  Faculty of Economy and Behavioral science
4.  Faculty of Medicine
5. Faculty of Philology
Theresa Ehret,
Tony Franzky,
Franziska Hohlstein,
Michelle Thompson,
Benjamin Torn,
Deborah Wolf
6.  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Eric Brunner,
Jonas Rehberg,
Fabian Becherer,
Frieder Lindel,
Andreas Woitzik
7.  Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Cristopher Dresler,
Fabian Riemenschneider,
Dustin Simone,
Daniela Winkler,
Karina Witte
8.  Faculty of Biology
Xiulin Ng
Deepti Prasad
Ute Hoffmann
Ellen McAllister
Ebrahem Hamed
Klara L. Lesch
9.  Faculty of Environment and Natural Ressources
Leonard Frank,
Katharina Wittmann,
Lars Erik Daber,
Machteld Simoens
10. Faculty of Engineering
Valerie Ambrosi,
Philipp Amrein,
Nicolai Dorka,
Johannes Meyer,
Yanis Taege



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