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Equal opportunities at the University

For all questions regarding parenthood and pregnancy, gender equality, sexual harassment, the appropriate structures exist within the University to provide you help.

This section presents links to some of the existing structure which can be useful, as well as the contact of the persons from the students representation, and the official contact persons of the University.


  1. Childcare: the Familienservice of the University of Freiburg lists the available solutions concerning day care. 
  2. Maternity protection and parenthood: the University & Child Advisory Service from the Equal Opportunity Office has useful links. The information for employees are unfortunately only available in German, but the student services have provided a complete overview of the topic in English (Student Service Center). 
  3. Sexual harassment: the Equal Opportunity Office is there to help. If you feel uncomfortable to get into an official procedure, feel free to contact one of us.


In general, if you don't find the information you need, or if you have questions, or are facing difficulties, feel free to contact one of the persons listed below.


  • Sarah Praunsmändel and Verena Eisenbeis: Members of the Senate Commission for Equal Opportunities



  • Klara Lesch and Audrey Scognamiglio: Representatives of the Doctoral Candidates