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The Joint Working Committee of the Doctoral Students' Convention (GAA) is the central organization representing the interests of the Doctoral Candidates of the University of Freiburg.

Across Disciplines and Faculties, the concerns and interests of all doctoral candidates who research, teach and work at the University are collected and brought to the attention of third parties occupying various levels of decisive positions, from the Institutes to the Senate, through the Doctoral Convents, Faculty Councils and Senators.


GAA-Treffen in COVID-19 Zeiten


The GAA, "Gemeinsame Arbeitsausschuss"  or "Joint Working Committee" of the Doctoral Conventions is composed of representatives of the ten decentralized doctoral conventions of the University of Freiburg.

Each Convention sends a representative to the GAA, whose task is to deliberate on matters that affect doctoral students, regardless of their faculty affiliation.

The GAA and its individual convents send elected representatives to the faculty councils and the Senate.


The Speaker Team of the GAA


Audrey, Andreas, and Klara have been elected as new spokesperson team of the Joint Working Committee in August 2020. They have ambitious plans for their tenure and are looking forward to working with the convents and elected representatives. Information about the new speaker team is available here

They are reachable by email:




On the pages of the GAA, you will find information on our work of the GAA, the committees and general information on topics related to doctoral studies and doctoral students at the University of Freiburg.