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University Elections 2020-2021

Representatives in the Senate as well as in the Faculty councils are to be elected. You will find in this section a presentation of the Senate candidates. For the Candidates of the Faculty Council, we encourage you to get in touch with your respective Faculty Convents and Councils.
When Dec 08, 2020 10:00 AM to
Dec 14, 2020 10:00 AM
Where Online:
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Senate Elections 2020/2021 – Call for participation

This year university elections will take place from 08.12.2020, 10 o'clock to 14.12.2020, 10 o'clock. During this period, all eligible voters of the status group of doctoral students can cast their votes online using their university account. This is only the second time that doctoral students are represented on university committees. Already in the first year, it became clear how important this representation is and how helpful it is that the doctoral students have a say in the discussions and decisions at the highest level of the university committees.

The consequences of the pandemic for research and teaching, as well as the changes in the Rectorate of the University are just some of the challenges that the coming senate candidates will have to face. The more important is to get a strong mandate with the help of a high participation.

This time, the election will take place online, thus offering the best conditions for a high participation. Further information will be posted on the election platform in good time before the election.

Presentation of the Candidates for the Senate

In the following, the candidates introduce themselves in the order of their positions on the list. These list places are also understood as a voting recommendation based on parity and the safeguarding of knowledge transfer, because Eva Rüskamp is running for the second time and Friederike Lammert can imagine taking over the office twice.


1- Eva Rüskamp - English Seminar

 Eva Rüskamp has been doing an interdisciplinary doctorate on culture and governance processes of the sustainable transformation of rural areas since 2018. She works in the EU-project EPICUR, where she is responsible among other topics, for the Research and Young talent division. Last year she was the representative of the doctoral students in the Faculty Council for Philology and the Senate spokeswoman for doctoral students in the Senate. She is running again in order to be able to pass on her experiences and networks to the next generation of doctoral candidates and thus to ensure good representation of doctoral candidates in the Senate even in times of pandemic.


2- Sebastian Will - 

Institute of Public Finance and Social Policy

Sebastian Will is doing his doctorate at the Faculty of Economics and Behavioral Sciences in the field of urban and real estate economics. He is running for the Senate because he thinks it is important that doctoral candidates exercise their right of co-determination and represent their interests in university committees. Its aim is to make young academics heard and to have a say in decisions that affect them.




3- Friederike Lammert - Institute of Business Law, Work and Social Law

Friederike Lammert studied law in Freiburg and is a real newcomer to the university's committees. Since autumn she has been doing her doctorate at the Faculty of Law in the field of patent law and works as a research assistant at the chair for civil law and intellectual property. After having worked for many years in the committees of the German Sports Youth, she would be happy to be active in the Senate of our university, bringing new ideas and energy, and to represent there the interests of the doctoral students.



4- Johannes Thierer - Institut of Public Law

Johannes Thierer has been working as a research assistant at the Chair of Constitutional Law since mid-2020 and is writing his doctoral thesis in European law. During his studies, he was on the faculty council and on the study committee of the law faculty. There he was able to experience how important it is that all status groups are involved in university decisions. He would now like to represent the voice of doctoral candidates in the Senate.




5- Deborah Wolf - Institute of Social Media Science

Deborah Wolf studied in Marburg and has been in Freiburg since 2018. Here she works as a research assistant in the research group "factual and fictional storytelling", where she is doing her doctorate on 9/11 conspiracy theories. She also teaches at the University of Freiburg, currently, for example, a seminar on "Conspiracy theories on climate and the environment". She has been a member of the board of the Ph.D. student convention PhiloDocs since February 2020 and would like to support the interests of all Ph.D. students in the Senate.


If you have any questions about the election and committee work, the senators are available to you by email:

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