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Call for applications: Three PhD-student workplaces



Call for applications: Three PhD-student workplaces

The “Gemeinsame Arbeitsausschuss der Doktorandinnen- und Doktorandenkonvente“ of the  Albert-Ludwigs-Universität of Freiburg is offering three workplaces for PhD-students in the Erbprinzenstr. 12, first floor, from October 2nd 2017. The deadline for the application is July 16th 2017. The workplaces will be given to PhD-students, to whom no workplace is provided at the university and which have unsuitable working conditions or no workplace at home.
Application requirements:

PhD-students at the University of Freiburg may apply if the following criteria are met:

  • No workplace is provided by the department chair/supervisor.
  • The PhD-student may not be employed at the University of Freiburg (e. g. research associate/"Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter") at the same time.

Selection criteria:

  1.  PhD-student status (scholarship etc.)
  2. Individual situation based on the following:

a.    Family circumstances b.    State of the dissertation c.    Reason why Phd-student cannot work from home

Documents to be submitted:

  • Confirmation of the supervisor/ the professor that no workplace can be provided by the chair of the faculty. (Please complete the enclosed attachment1!).
  • Confirmation of the supervisor/ the PhD-student, that the applicant is not employed at the university. (Please complete the enclosed attachment1).
  • Form 2in which you describe your family situation, the state of your dissertation and your current workplace. Give a justification for why a workplace is needed and why it is not possible for you to work from home.

Time frame of workplace:

The workplaces for PhD-students will be granted from October 2nd 2017 until the 31th of March 2018. Previous users have to reapply. There will be a waiting list. Reapplication for the summer semester 2018 is possible approximately eight weeks before the end of the winter semester. A new call for applications will be circulated, with the application deadlines and award periods to be announced before..

Submission: Please direct your application as PDF file as an e-mail attachment to Ute Weber from the “Gemeinsame Arbeitsausschuss der Doktorandinnen- und Doktorandenkonvente”:   Tel.: 0761 203-67374 The due-date is the

July 16th 2017